Limited Liability Companies

I can help you understand if and when you need an LLC, and set one up for you if needed.

Horse Co-Ownership Agreements

I’ll help you to establish the rights and obligations of all co-owners.

Employment Agreements

Help your employees understand what benefits you are and are not offering with a unique employment agreement. 

Releases of liability

Protect yourself with releases of liability, also called waivers. These are required in some states if you want the benefit of the immunity protections afforded by some equine activity liability acts.


A well drafted lease agreement is important because leasing a horse is probably one of the riskiest transactions in the horse business.

Boarding Contracts

Boarding Contracts are important to any stable owner who wants to get paid and doesn’t want to get sued.

Purchase and Sale Agreements

Purchase and Sale Agreements are a seller’s best protection, assuming the buyer  actually signs!  I draft custom sales contracts and as part of my services I send them out for signature by all parties via Docusign.

Training Agreements

Training Agreements as a stand-alone contract in cases where a trainer or rider is providing services to a horse that is not boarded with the trainer.

Equestrian Facility Leases

Equestrian Facility Leases are crucial to both landlord and tenant.  In my experience, there is no such thing as a “standard” barn or farm lease – everyone will have some specific needs or wants that require customization.  And a standard residential property lease will not get the job done, no matter what your realtor may say.

Breeding Contracts

Breeding Contracts, whether for live-cover or semen purchase, are helpful to both the stallion owner and the mare owner, particularly because the period of time between the payment of a deposit and the birth of the foal can be a year or more.