I represent clients in defending against allegations of liability or misconduct in a variety of forums.

I have extensive experience with:

Administrative Litigation

Defending competitive or membership privileges with equestrian sporting associations and governing bodies such as USEF, FEI, IOC, NSA, racing boards and breed registries, with a particular emphasis on “horse doping” cases and medications violations.  I have more than twenty years of experience serving as an administrative law judge, which translates into invaluable insight into the process facing clients in any administrative litigation setting involving equestrian sport.

Civil Litigation

Everyone hates to go to court, but sometimes it cannot be avoided.  I have represented clients in

  • Contract, Sales and Insurance Coverage Disputes;
  • Professional Liability Defense;
  • Personal and Horse Injury;
  • Partnership and Ownership Disputes; and
  • Protecting Creditors’ Rights, including collection services.
Criminal Defense

Defending Horsemen against allegations of criminal conduct, with a particular emphasis on charges stemming from animal-related activities and federal crimes.

Tax Litigation

Representing Horsemen throughout the IRS Audit Process, including Interview/Examination, Appeals, and Tax Court.


Litigation Services: Explained

Putting more than two decades of experience as an Administrative Law Judge to work for my clients in horse-related matters:

  • Defense of competition and membership privileges; 
  • Professional licensure; 
  • Defending allegations of misconduct in closed hearings before private associations and public agencies.

Admitted to practice before state and federal courts in: 

  • Virginia
  • Florida

I have been defending federal criminal cases at the trial and appellate levels for more than 25 years.

Equestrian related “hobby loss” cases before the IRS.

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