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I understand that sometimes when you need a sales contract or lease contract, you needed it yesterday.  I can usually prepare a standard sale or lease contract within one business day — sometimes even the same day I am contacted. 

My sale and lease contracts include an attachment for filing with USEF which doesn’t disclose the financial details of the transaction. I charge a flat rate and I accept credit cards.  


If you need a contract for something other than a sale or lease, please visit the Contact Us page and send me an e-mail describing what you need.  Other common contracts include:

  • Boarding
  • Training
  • Seller’s Agent
  • Seller’s Agent / Consignment
  • Buyers Agent
  • Liability Release
  • Horse Co-Ownership
  • Partnership / Syndicate Agreements

I Need a Sales or Lease Contract

Please Read Before Completing
    1. Fill out the Sale/Lease Contract Questionnaire.
      Some of the sections are only applicable to Leases.  So, if you need a Sales Contract, you can skip those sections. Completing the Questionnaire should take you no more than a few minutes.
    2. Once you have completed the Questionnaire, hit the “Submit” button. This will send all the information you have put in the form to my personal and secure e-mail.
    3. Once I have received your information, I will e-mail you to confirm my availability. If I can prepare the contract, my e-mail will include a price quote and a secure link to make payment online.  You will input the payment information yourself.  Once you have successfully completed your payment, the payment processing company will send me a receipt of your payment by e-mail (I will never have your credit card or financial information — I only get a receipt)
    4. I will prepare the requested document and e-mail you a draft to review.
    5. Once you have approved the document, I will send it out via “Docu-sign” to the necessary parties for electronic signature.  When the document has been signed by everyone, Docu-sign will be able to generate a fully executed electronic copy of the document for your records and mine.


All this can, in most cases, be accomplished within 1 business day.  If you need the contract in a shorter time frame than I can accommodate, I will let you know.


While I do have a standard flat rate for standard agreements, some agreements are more custom than others.  If you require a highly customized agreement, then I may need more time to draft it.

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