Autumn 2020
  • Recreational Use Statute Does Not Bar Lawsuit Over “Negligently Bridled” Horse
  • Injured Rider Sues, Alleging Safety Vest Malfunction
  • Indiana Supreme Court Justice Files Dissent In Horse-Kick Case, Comparing It To A “Classic Dog Bite Case” And Rejecting “Sporting Event” Analysis
  • Lack Of Expert Dooms Case Alleging Monensin Tainted Feed
  • “Those Seats Are Taken”
  • Steeplechase Trainer Concedes Loss After Winning Appeal
  • Court OK’s Transfer Of Horses From Wife To Daughter
  • Putting A Price On Release Of Non-Compete Dooms Employer’s Injunction Request
  • Court Declines To Reduce Jury Award Of Punitive Damages
  • NY Court Clarifies Rule On Non-Owner Liability For Injury-Causing Animals
  • Animal Adoption Agency Has Duty To Inform Adopter Of Animal’s Past History
  • Does Aggressive Behavior Between Animals Presage Threat To Humans?
  • Livestock Owner Has No Duty To Inspect Fences Daily
  • NY Gaming Commission Suspends Harness Racing Licensees For Abuse And Needle Possession
  • American Horse Council & Coalition of Equine Organizations Oppose “Compromise” Proposal to PAST Act
  • Municipality Can Be Sued For Enhancing Risk Of Recreational Activity
  • FEI Tribunal Issues Decisions in Three Equine Anti-Doping Cases
  • FEI Investigates Two Horse Abuse Cases

Autumn 2020

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