Autumn 2021
  • Supreme Court Vindicates Racehorse Trainer Convicted Of Doping
  • Further Laboratory Testing Of “Medina Spirit” Sample Appears To Vindicate Baffert
  • What Rights Are Afforded By An “Owner’s” License?
  • Trainer Denied Stay Of 60-Day Suspension
  • Similar Facts, Same Result: Court Denies Trainer Relief From 60-Day Suspension
  • Horse Breeder Lacks Standing To Challenge Unadopted Gaming Rule
  • “Business Interruption” Coverage Does Not Apply To Economic Losses Caused By Pandemic Closures Of Live Racing
  • Racing Commission Can Consider Expunged Conviction
  • Zoetis Can’t Escape Lawsuits For Injectable Antibiotic, “Excede”
  • Creditor Has No Claims Against Purchasers Of Equine Collateral
  • Courts Can’t Reach Horses Located Out-Of-State
  • Appellate Court Reinstates Personal Injury Lawsuit Against Dude Ranch
  • Passenger Injured On “Shore Excursion” Trail Ride Cannot Sue Cruiseline and Trail Ride Operators In Same Action
  • Communications With Equine Lawyer Not Privileged
  • How Tall Is That Pony?
  • No Fiduciary Duty Between Buyer and Seller
  • Kentucky Law On Conversion, “Unsettled”
  • Notable Changes to Minor Athlete Abuse Prevention Policies, Effective January 1, 2022
  • FEI Tribunal Accepts Explanation, “My Groom Peed In The Stall”
  • FEI Announces Tribunal Decisions In Two Horse Abuse Cases
  • Equine Doping Cases Decided By The FEI Tribunal In November, 2021
  • FEI Press Releases Announce Tribunal’s Final Decisions in Equine Anti-Doping Cases for October, 2021

Autumn 2021

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