Spring 2020 Equine Law & Business Letter
  • Golf Cart Not Covered Under Farm Policy When Off- Premises  
  • Legal Disability Does Not Toll Statute Of Limitations 
  • Court Affirms Jury Verdict Rejecting Injured Rider’s Claims 
  • How A “Small Claim” Becomes A Federal Case 
  • Patron’s “Trip and Fall” Case Dismissed 
  • Court Enforces Waiver Signed By Trail Rider 
  • Negligent Confinement Claim Puts Evidence Of Prior Escapes Directly At Issue 
  • Victims Of Auto Crash Take “Shotgun” Approach To Lawsuit 
  • Neighbors Challenge Designation Of Riding Stables As “Agricultural” 
  • The Saga Of The Horseless Horse Pasture Easement 
  • Building Permit? Now You See It, Now You Don’t 
  • Lease Clause That Relieves Party From Statutory Liability Is Void As Against Public Policy 
  • County Not Immune From Liability For Malicious Prosecution Of Horse Rescuer 
  • California Woman Alleges Fraud By British Breeder 
  • Lost Profits Not Recoverable In Horse Defamation Case 
  • Emotional Support Livestock? Minis, yes. Hogs, no. 
  • Award Of Horses To Unpaid Employee Affirmed On Appeal 
  • We Can Build It, But They May Not Come 
  • United States Supreme Court Declines To Hear Dispute Over Seizure Of Horses 
  • USEF Sanctioned By USOPC 
  • Arbitrator Rules That USEF Membership Application Is “Take-It-Or-Leave-It” Proposition 
  • Recent Final Decisions From the FEI Tribunal
  • Horses and Humans Run Afoul of FEI Anti-Doping Rules

Spring 2020 Equine Law & Business Letter

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