Spring 2021
  • Wedding Guest, Bitten By Horse She Was Petting, Cannot Sue
  • Cruise Passenger Injured By Horse On Shore Excursion Faces Jurisdictional Challenges
  • “Spectator” or “Participant”? Or Maybe Both?
  • Experts Disagree About Child’s Injuries, Sustained At Home Of Relative
  • Who’s On First?
  • Are All Farm Employees “Agricultural”? For Workers’ Comp Purposes, The Kentucky Supreme Court Weighs In
  • Lawsuit Against Drug Company Over Injectable Antibiotic Survives Motion To Dismiss
  • Racehorses Perish At Sea In Poorly Ventilated Shipping Container
  • Owner Of Show Horse That Died In Car Wreck Sues Shipper
  • Veterinarian Can Be Sued For Both Malpractice And Fraud
  • Those Wild Horses Are Stealing My Water!
  • Vegan Army Sues Over “Designated” Protest Area
  • New York Carriage Drivers Can’t Sue City
  • Rescue’s Collateral Attack On Court Order Fails
  • FEI Zaps Kocher For Electric Spurs
  • FEI Issues Final Decisions in Two Equine Anti-Doping Cases
  • FEI Suspends Brazilian Athlete for Abusing Daughter’s Pony
  • CAS Overturns FEI Suspension of Endurance Rider Accused of Abuse
  • CAS Ruling Shakes Up Olympic Qualifiers

Spring 2021

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