Summer 2020 Equine Law Business Letter
  • Judges Refuse To Second Guess Stewards’ Call In 2019 Kentucky Derby
  • “What They Said” — 10th Circuit On Board With The 6th Circuit Logic
  • Racehorse Trainer Faces Second Department Of Labor Lawsuit Over FLSA Violations
  • “Non Call” By Track Judges Is Not Appealable
  • State-Tribal Gaming Compact Renewed Automatically
  • Trainers, Claiming Lien, Ordered To Release Horses
  • Trainer Takes Possession Of Horse At Auction, But Fails To Pay
  • Pennsylvania Gaming Law Ruled Unconstitutional
  • Court Dismisses Exercise Rider’s Personal Injury Suit
  • Riding Accident At Federal Campground Not Within Manager’s “Scope Of Employment”
  • Don’t Call Me A Drunk Driver!
  • Supreme Court of Texas Interprets Farm Animal Act
  • Inherent Risk Of Dog Activity Not Comparable To Horse Activity
  • Injured Participant Can Sue Competition Management And NGB
  • Two Bad Horse Deals Equals One Big Lawsuit
  • Horse Owner Recovers $500 After Animal Control Gave Away Her Horses
  • Denied Discounts, Horse Owner Sues Insurance Agency
  • Class Action Filed Against Zoetis Over Injectable Antibiotic
  • California Law Violates Constitutional Rights Of Aspiring Farrier
  • Horse Boarding Disqualifies “Farmers” From Chapter 12 Bankruptcy Relief
  • Trump Blocks USDA Action To Prevent Horse Soring
  • Rescue Group Sues After Being Left Out Of Settlement Negotiations In Horse Abuse Case
  • Some Things You Just Can’t Blame On The Weather
  • Athlete Served Two-Year Period of FEI Disqualification in Human Anti-Doping Case
  • Horse Abuse and Anti-Doping Case Decisions Handed Down by FEI Tribunal and Court of Arbitration for Sport

Summer 2020 Equine Law Business Letter

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