Summer 2021
  • Racehorse Trainer Pleads Guilty To Doping Scheme
  • Venezuelan Man Guilty Of Money Laundering Scheme Involving Racehorses
  • Horseracing Integrity and Safety Act Faces First Court Challenge
  • Who’s On First? Misidentification Of Racehorse Spawns Lawsuits 
  • Court Refuses To Exercise Judicial Oversight Of Sporting Club 
  • Show Jumping “Leagues” Continue To Clash 
  • Group Mounts Unsuccessful Challenge To Virginia’s Animal Cruelty Laws
  • An Amish Buggy Is Not An “Uninsured Motorist” 
  • Groom Denied Worker’s Comp For Injuries Sustained Escaping From Early Morning Barn Fire 
  • Personal Injury Case Dismissed On Basis Of Pennsylvania EALA
  • Policyholder Can Sue Agency After Insurer’s Denial Of Mortality Claim 
  • Disgruntled Purchaser Sues Own Trainer For Fraud 
  • Why Didn’t You Hire An Appraiser? 
  • Wife Entitled To As Many Horses After Divorce As During Marriage 
  • USEF Provides NIL Guidance for NCAA Collegiate Equestrians 
  • USEF Sanctions Official For Violating Social Media Policy 
  • USEF Suspends Member Charged With Multiple Felonies 
  • Administrative Error Disqualifies Israeli Rider From Olympics 
  • FEI Press Releases Announce Tribunal’s Final Decisions in Equine and Human Anti-Doping Cases

Summer 2021

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