Winter 2020
  • Federal Indictment Reveals NY Racing Horse Doping Scandal 
  • Rojas Case Set For Oral Argument 
  • Racing Regulatory Lab First To Uncover Major Doping Threat To Both Racing And Human Sport 
  • Court Finds Puerto Rican Jockey Strike Illegal 
  • Warrantless Search At Racetrack OK’d By Court 
  • Accident At Keeneland Falls Outside Immunity Protections Of Kentucky’s Liability Act 
  • Missouri Court Rules EALA Not Applicable Because Racetrack Was Negligent 
  • “A Release That Applies Only To Inherent Risks Of Sport Is No Release At All” – California Court Enforces Pre-Injury Release For Ordinary Negligence 
  • Court Dismisses Father’s Lawsuit Over Leased Horse That Went Lame 
  • Discovery of Veterinarian’s Malpractice – Too Little, “Too Late” 
  • A Donkey Is More Like A Horse Than Like A Chicken 
  • Pro Se Taxpayer Proves Profit Motive To Tax Court In Hobby Loss Case 
  • Equine Appraiser Must Disclose Sales Data 
  • Taxpayers With One-Horse Business Fail To Prove Profit Motive 
  • Horse Defamation? Is That A Thing? 
  • Horse Auction Company Falls Victim To Fraud 
  • Veterinarian Disciplined For Malpractice 
  • Supreme Court of Texas Clarifies “At-Large” Livestock Liability Rules 
  • Are Cost Of Care Reimbursements Criminal “Fines”? 
  • Equestrian Entitled To Restraining Order Against Neighbor 
  • USEF Responds To Coronavirus Threat, Places Restrictions on USEF Licensed Competitions 
  • USEF: Sanctions Imposed for Recent Rule Violations
  • US Equestrian Launches New Guaranteed Insurance Benefits Program for Members 
  • Athletes Face FEI Disqualification in Human Anti-Doping Cases
  • FEI Tribunal Takes Action in Four Doping Cases

Winter 2020

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