Winter 2021
  • Racehorse Trainer’s Conviction Affirmed On Appeal
  • Racehorse Trainer Owes Workers $200+K For Unpaid Overtime
  • Child Injury During Helmet-less Trail Ride Spurs Litigation
  • Colorado Judge Questions Whether Exculpatory Agreement Can Preclude Claim Of Negligence Per Se
  • Kentucky Horse Park Patron Sues Over Injury
  • Access To Checkbook Does Not Give Rise To Fiduciary Duty
  • Insurance Policy Limits Coverage For Unlisted Horses And Dogs
  • Lawsuit Over Transfer Of Blind Horse Will Move Forward
  • Team Roping Activity “Not A Business”
  • Sidebar: What Is Team Roping?
  • “Family Farmer” Eligibility Determined As Of Bankruptcy Filing Date
  • “Show Jumping League” Concept Spawns Litigation
  • Typos Render Easement “Ambiguous”
  • Administrative Law Judges Hearing Horse Protection Act Cases Must Be Properly Appointed
  • USEF Suspends Member For Accosting Judge
  • University of Kentucky Equine Analytical Chemistry Lab Announces Pre-Purchase Testing is Now Available
  • CAS Dismisses Appeal Of Equestrian Athlete With Cocaine Positive

  • FEI Tribunal Issues Decisions in Three Equine Anti-Doping Cases

  • Equestrian Suspended for Human Anti-Doping Violation, Failed to Apply for “Therapeutic Use Exemption”


Winter 2021

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