Winter 2022
  • Donkey Breeder Proves Profit Motive In Tax Court
  • Baffert Initiates More Litigation Over “Medina Spirit” Disqualification
  • Where To Sue? Disgruntled Purchaser Picks Wrong Venue…Twice
  • Buyer’s Testimony Fails To Prove Auction Company’s Wrongdoing
  • Trial Necessary To Establish Terms Of Oral Contract
  • New York Court Considers Impact Of Rojas On Pending Prosecutions
  • Veterinarian Faces Criminal Charges For “Conspiring” To Make And Market Horse Ulcer Medications
  • Government Properly Secured Wiretaps To Build Cases Against Trainers and Veterinarians
  • Horse Owners Fail To State Claim Against Tracks For Banning Trainer
  • Trainer Entitled To Drug Test Results
  • Failure To File Correct Paperwork Dooms Claim For Incentive Funds
  • Disgruntled Purchaser Sues Over Lame Horse
  • Trainer Waited Too Long To Appeal Disciplinary Action
  • Horse Owners Dismissed From Lawsuit Arising From Motorcycle Collision
  • Animal Rights Group Sends “Undercover Agent” To Work At Farm
  • Double Jeopardy Does Not Bar Criminal Prosecution Of Horse Owner For Abuse
  • “No Contact” Order Between Trainers Held “Unreasonably Restrictive”
  • Child’s Injury Claim Not Barred By Release
  • Cribbing Collars Give Rise To Patent Dispute
  • Equine Massage = Practice of Veterinary Medicine, In NY
  • Court Makes Preliminary Evidentiary Rulings In Sales Case
  • Lawsuit Over Copyrighted Forms Pending In Oregon
  • Horses Feature In Pending Legislation Nationwide
  • Equestrian Sport Initially Confirmed For 2028 Olympics In Los Angeles
  • FEI Removes All International Equestrian Events In Russia And Belarus; Athletes, Horses and Officials Banned From All FEI Events Worldwide

Winter 2022

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